Job Description

A glazier cuts, fits, installs, removes and repairs glass. The products he or she may work with include windows, mirrors, skylights, tabletops, display cases and shower doors. Glaziers work in homes and commercial buildings, for example retail stores, banks and offices. They work on existing structures and on new construction. Workers who replace and repair auto glass are not included under this occupational title.

What Does Glazier Do?

Glazier’s tasks might include:

– choosing glass based on size, color, type and thickness specified in blueprints
– removing old glass before installing replacement
– cutting glass to specified size and shape
– fabricating and installing moldings and sashes

Educational Requirements

If you want to become a glazier you will have to enroll in a three year apprenticeship program that will include 144 hours of technical training and 2000 hours of on-the-job training per year. Technical training will consist of instruction in glass installation techniques, basic math, blueprint reading and general construction techniques. You will also learn about safety practices and get first aid training. During your on-the-job training you will be exposed to the actual work a glazier does. Upon completion of the apprenticeship you will be deemed a journey worker who has the proper skills to work independently.

Apprentices must be at least 18 year old, have a high school diploma or its equivalent and be physically able to do the work required by this occupation. Unions and contractor associations often sponsor apprenticeship programs. Contact the local union that represents glaziers in your area or see the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades’ Apprenticeship Directory for a list of training opportunities sponsored by that organization.


Glaziers earned a median annual salary of $37,350 in 2011. Their median hourly salary was $17.96.

Further Information

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