Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer Job Description

A fashion designer creates clothing, including dresses, suits, pants and skirts, and accessories such as shoes, for consumers. One can specialize in clothing, accessory or jewelry design. Some designers work in all three areas. Another area of specialization is costume design for those who want to design wardrobes for television, movie and theater productions.

Educational Requirements

Employers require an associate degree (two years) or a bachelor’s degree (four years) in fashion design. Coursework includes color, textiles, sewing and tailoring, pattern making, fashion history and computer-aided design (CAD). Students also learn about different types of clothing such as menswear or footwear.

Other Requirements

An internship is a valuable addition to the education one receives in the classroom. Aspiring fashion designer should also have sewing and pattern-making skills, an eye for color and detail and sketching ability.


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