Computer Database Administrator

Database Administrator

Introduction to Database Administrator

A database administrator (DBA) plans, develops, tests, maintains, manages and supervises computer databases . They are responsible for the accuracy, security, consistency and accessibility of each database. They are also responsible for ensuring that an adequate storage and back-up system is in place.

Database Administrator Also Known As

  • Computer Database Administrator
  • Database Administration Manager
  • Database Controller

Adult Opportunities

There is no formal upper age limit for entry into this occupation. Many entrants have had experience of other computing work, for example, systems design or programming.

A range of manufacturer accredited short training courses are available on an intensive basis, often flexible and part-time, including evenings and weekends. Distance learning in design and implementing databases is also available.

Mature applicants may find difficulty to enter this career based on experience alone, without some relevant qualifications and training.

Mature entrants, normally defined as people aged 23 years or over, can find that educational institutions will relax normal academic entrance requirements for higher education courses especially if their previous work experience is relevant and if they show a genuine aptitude for this type of work.

Further Information About Database Administrator

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