Car Production Engineer

Car Production Engineer

Introduction  to Car Production Engineer

Automobile engineers design, test, develop and manufacture automotive products such as heavy and light vehicles. They help the automotive industry to meet new challenges, for example, making sure that vehicles are safe, environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient. They work not just on cars and commercial vehicles but also buses, coaches, tanks and racing cars.

Car Production Engineer Also Known As

  • Car Production Engineer
  • Engineer, Automobile
  • Vehicle Engineer

Adult Opportunities

There is no formal upper age barrier for entry into this profession.

Entry to relevant training may be possible through universities or colleges that relax normal academic entry requirements for suitable mature applicants. Most academic institutions define people aged 23 years or older as mature candidates.

Some Institutes of Technology actively encourage the entry of tradespersons who hold a Senior Trade Certificate in an appropriate trade, with endorsements in Mathematics and Science.

There are other pathways through which mature candidates can register as Chartered and Associate Engineers, and Engineering Technicians. If a candidate with no formal qualifications in engineering can demonstrate suitable knowledge and expertise in a branch of engineering over a significant number of years (15-20 years), and has a track record of functioning at a professional engineering level, membership may be possible through the IEI’s ‘Mature route procedure’

Further Information

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